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‘Within the Fireplace,’ Amber Heard’s first film after the Depp trial, goes up in flames | CNN



Those that fell sufferer to the over-the-top animosity directed at Amber Heard throughout the Johnny Depp trial – as chronicled within the docuseries “Depp v. Heard” – will alas have recent ammunition because of “Within the Fireplace,” a reasonably terrible starring car for the actor that she additionally produced, a movie unlikely to provide many sparks past these set off by the morbidly curious.

Shot as an Italian-American co-production on what appears to be like like a minimal funds, the film makes its debut concurrently in theaters and on digital and demand, a logical technique, for the reason that theatrical toehold ought to rapidly go up in flames.

Set within the Nineties, the movie stars Heard as a New York physician, Grace Burnham, who journeys to a small and distant plantation in an distant location the place she has come to deal with a younger boy, Martin (Lorenzo McGovern Zaini). The locals have come to consider the kid is a few form of demon, bringing in poor health fortune to their village.

Grace – an alienist, the time period employed earlier than it turned referred to as psychiatry – permits that the boy is completely different however rejects any supernatural rationalization, telling his skeptical father (Eduardo Noriega) and a caring priest (Luca Calvani), “It’s a matter of science, and we’ll remedy it as one.”

But aside from mismatched eyes, the questions of precisely what makes the lad completely different stay sketchy and a supply of not-terribly-compelling thriller: Possessed? Mutant? Some type of ESP or telekinesis?

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Sadly, there’s not a lot time to seek out out, for the reason that villagers, led by one other clergyman (Yari Gugliucci), are already in a storm-the-place-with-pitchforks way of thinking, establishing the prospect of a violent encounter.

As directed by Conor Allyn (who shares script credit score with two others), the film limps from one interlude to the following. Heard’s efficiency can charitably be described as stiff and thinly developed, apart from these moments when she erupts in righteous fury over the backwardness of Martin’s would-be tormenters.

Heard has made extra information in courtrooms than on screens since co-starring in “Aquaman” in 2018. The sequel to that DC superhero franchise is due later this yr, although the scale of her function primarily based on the trailer has turn out to be a matter of hypothesis.

No matter one’s opinion of Heard – and after the trial numerous individuals appear to have fashioned them, nonetheless probably in poor health knowledgeable – her appearing profession will clearly obtain additional scrutiny due to her time within the tabloids.

Producing publicity for a bit film that in any other case may need come and gone with scant discover represents a basic double-edged sword. “Within the Fireplace” didn’t need to be nice to stoke these embers, however by way of capitalizing on the eye, the movie wanted to be an entire lot higher than this.

“Within the Fireplace” premieres October 13 in choose theaters, on demand and on digital. It’s rated R.

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